Is My Sleep Style Causing Wrinkles, a Dermatologist’s Opinion

The internet is full of suspicions for any given topic. When it comes to wrinkles, one of those suspicions is whether or not the way you sleep will cause wrinkles. Is that suspicion true? We asked one of our dermatologists to answer this viral question.

According to Dr. Gabriela Maloney, board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology, “In theory, the connection is understandable. When you sleep on your side of stomach your face is forced into a pillow, causing your skin to fold. You times this by several hours a night over the course of a lifetime, in addition to the natural reduction of collagen and elastic tissue, it is understandable to believe that sleeping may cause wrinkles. What is more important to understand, and truly worry about, is not about wrinkles caused by sleep. The largest factor of wrinkles, also known as premature skin aging, is the damage from the sun’s UV rays. Repeated exposure to UV light can degrade collagen and elastin tissue, which makes facial wrinkles more likely to appear. If you truly want to avoid wrinkles – and of course skin cancer – apply sunscreen daily, regardless of the weather or time of the year. Early prevention, consistent skin care regimens and a full night’s sleep are the true key to preventing wrinkles. In other words, fall asleep in whatever position is most comfortable for you, just wash your face and apply moisturizer first!”

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