When to Consider Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Types and Treatments

When should you have a birthmark removed?

Birthmark removal can be a very important treatment, both cosmetically and medically. There are many types of birthmarks. Most birthmarks are the result of either a concentration of blood vessels or extra pigment. What causes these to take place is unknown. Some commonly known types of birthmarks are port wine stains and hemangiomas, which are called vascular birthmarks. Moles and café-au-lait spots are called pigmented birthmarks. Birthmarks can be undesirable but sometimes the best decision is to just learn to live with it and call it a beauty mark. Other times, a birthmark can mean much more than that and it’s time to consult a dermatologist.

Reasons for Birthmark Removal

Most birthmarks do not pose serious health risks or require treatment. Many fade with time and only require observation. However, parents of infants and children with birthmarks can have great concern, especially when the birthmark is very large or in a visible location. More severe birthmarks can affect a person’s physical appearance to the point where there is potential for negative emotional and psychological ramifications, like low self-esteem and self-confidence. In some cases, birthmarks can lead to other medical complications and cause serious health issues. A dermatologist can determine whether a birthmark requires treatment or not. The American Academy of Dermatology highly encourages “concerned parents of infants or children with birthmarks to see a dermatologist to rule out any underlying conditions or medical problems that could be linked to them.”

Birthmark Removal Treatment Options

Today there are a number of very safe and effective treatments for birthmark removal, even for infants and children. Many experience good results with beta-blockers. Propranolol is a beta-blocker that is taken orally and Timolol is a topical beta-blocker that is applied directly to the skin. Both of these are beneficial in both diminishing the birthmark and halting further growth. Another highly effective treatment makes use of advanced laser technology – a pulsed dye laser is used to treat the birthmark. Sometimes Corticosteroids are used on birthmarks in a specific stage of growth. They can be either taken orally or injected directly into the birthmark. Surgery to remove a birthmark is not often needed, but it can be recommended by a dermatologist in some cases. These are a few of the treatments we provide for birthmark removal. At Forefront Dermatology, we specialize in skin health for the entire family, from infants to all stages of adulthood.

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