Newtox Vs Botox

You may have heard “move over Botox” a time or two recently with the addition of Newtox to the wrinkle reducing marketplace.

What is Newtox?
Newtox, officially known as Jeuveau™, is a neurotoxin like Botox®. It can be injected in between the eyebrows or at the corners of the eyes to stop the natural muscle contractions that form the wrinkles. It can also prevent new lines from forming and smooth out the old ones which could potentially deepen with time.

Like Botox®, Jeuveau™ is a purified botulinum toxin formula which can temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles in adults. The FDA recently approved Jeuveau™ after the drug passed two clinical trials in the U.S with double-blind placebo studies. Until now there have not been many treatment options in the market for wrinkle reducing injectable. The three most common treatments used to smooth and reduce wrinkles are Dysport®, Botox®, and Xeomin®, with Botox® dominating the market since 1989.

Similarities and differences between Jeuveau™ and Botox®
Jeuveau™ is similar to Botox® since both are extracted from the same type of bacteria. Botox® is a neuromodulator and Jeuveau™ works on the same principle to reduce wrinkles. The biggest difference between the two products? Botox® is FDA-approved for more areas of the face than Jeuveau™ is.

If I previously had Botox®, can I switch to Jeuveau™?
The safety and effectiveness profile for Jeuveau™ is similar to that of Botox®. Therefore, the injectable can be substituted for one another; those who had Botox® injections in the past are safe to switch to Jeuveau™.

Which should I choose?
It really comes down to what your dermatologist offers and which product he or she personally recommends based on experience with overall effectiveness of the product. Always remember the most important aspect isn’t the product, but the person properly administering it. Choose an experienced, board-certified dermatologist to perform the injections.

Do you want to reduce your wrinkles?
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