Skin Tag 101

They seem to come out of nowhere. What is this patch of skin just hanging there?

Skin tags are more common than you may think. They appear on both humans and animals, but what exactly are they? Can they be removed?

What are skin tags?

“Skin tags are small pieces of flesh that at attached to your skin through a stem or stalk,” stated Dr. Gabriela Maloney, board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology. “They are commonly found in the folds of a skin around your neck, armpits or groin area. They start appearing on individuals are middle age. Skin tags are not painful and normally do not effect daily movement, but depending a skin tags location it can produce friction and irritate them.”

What causes skin tags?
The cause of skin tags is unknown, but pregnancy and family history may predispose you to developing them.

How do I remove a skin tag?
“Leave skin tag removal to the professionals,” added Dr. Maloney. “Your local board-certified dermatologist has three options for skin tag removal, dependent on its location and your dermatologist’s preference. The removal options include severing the skin tag with a surgical scissors or scalpel, freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen, or burning the skin tag at the base, or stem, of the skin tag. Attempting to remove a skin tag at home can lead to infection or permanent scarring.”

Skin Struggles?
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