Treating Postpartum Hair Loss

A few months after having a baby, new moms commonly see significant hair loss. While it is quite shocking, this natural process is normal and not true hair loss. “Hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulates an increase in hair growth. As a result, many women enjoy thicker hair during pregnancy, as more hairs than normal are growing and fewer than normal are resting/shedding.

Postpartum hair loss is referred to as excessive hair shedding due to falling estrogen levels. The shedding is temporary and most women regain their normal fullness by their child’s first birthday,” noted Dr. Shilpa Sawardekar, board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology. Hair shedding usually peaks about four months after giving birth. If your hair does not regain its normal fullness after one year, you may want to see a dermatologist. At that point there may be an additional underlying cause of your hair loss.

Postpartum Hair Loss Tips

If you are struggling with the temporary thinner hair, follow the suggested tips until your hair regains its fullness:

• Try a new hairstyle that will make your hair appear fuller
• Continue with a daily vitamin and eating a balanced diet to promote healthy hair growth
• Avoid using a brush or comb that pulls on your hair, removing additional hair
• Avoid putting your hair in a ponytail while wet, or tightly – this may result in additional breakage

As with the struggles you may be having with your newborn, remember postpartum hair loss is also “a season” and this too shall pass. Before you know it your pre-pregnancy hair will be back.

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