Ashleigh J. Miller, MS, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant
4.8 /5
30 reviews
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I was seen on time, was made to feel comfortable, had all of my questions answered and received a very thorough screening for skin cancer.
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I could go on and on.....but all of the other great reviews says it all. I have already recommended Ashleigh to my friends and family.
Google Forefront Dermatology
Ashleigh is so wonderful, she is very patient and great with children!
Google Forefront Dermatology
At first I was a little apprehensive about seeing the PA instead of my regular Dr but after the visit yesterday I have changed my mind. My experience was very pleasant. Ashleigh did a very thorough job of doing my whole body exam and I came away not having a problem of being seen by her on a recurring basis.
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Reviewing forefront dermatology as a whole I would have to give it a four star review. The reason I say this is because when you actually get there it is like a giant white house that is renovated into an oddly choppy shaped office as soon as you go into the left there are these weird cubicles that exist in a room with girls that are not very pleasant nor happy looking about their jobs and they will direct you as to what office to go into basically the way I looked at it was I'm not too sure but I believe that the second floor is where the offices are at and there are like five of those girls sitting down there I suppose they are the receptionists I don't see what the need is for that many people nor that huge room to even exist with all of those choppy cubicles just for someone to tell you go straight up the stairs or there's an elevator around back the whole thing was just weird. Anyways once you get up there you are checked in we were checked in by Kandis and she was pleasant enough handed us an iPad to sign which was definitely with the times but I feel like they should be using a stylus so you aren't getting everyone's germs from having to sign with your finger. Additionally the waiting room was packed however our wait was very minimal. That was the best part of the entire check-in process because once we were LED back to a room our wait was an hour and 20 minutes to see the doctor. It was absolutely unreal. I did finally say something to one of the nurses because we were sitting in there in this hot and stuffy small room with the door closed for an hour and 20 minutes and enough was enough so the nurse was very nice........ Brown short haired like a bob don't know what her name is nurse and she kindly suggested that we reschedule however we came from an hour and 15 minutes away just to go to this dermatologist and I was not rescheduling there was no way. So in other words right after that the head nurse said again to reschedule because there was an emergency with the patient prior and that we were the next ones. So I said I will wait another 30 minutes and that's it I guess I will have no other choice but to reschedule. So then very shortly after that incident the doctor Ashley Miller came in and she was exasperated you could tell from her previous patient. So therefore At first she was trying to rush because I told her that we were in a hurry and then I said no no it's okay just take your time because we have a whole half an hour until we have to leave and admittingly I was irritated because of our wait so I had a lot of questions I was planning on asking her. Well her demeanor was so kind and there was no way that I could even be rude to this woman she was super kind she was super helpful she answered all of our questions and I was extremely pleased with her service. So after being irritated for the hour and 20-minute wait with her I was no longer irritated because her quality of services way out performed the long wait. Sorry if there's any typos I am actually handsfree driving and using my text-to-talk.
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Amazing experience! Ashleigh was so professional and kind. She listened to everything I had to say and made me feel very comfortable. The entire staff at Forefront were awesome! Two big thumbs up : )
Google Forefront Dermatology
Ashleigh is very thorough and knowledgeable. She is personable, caring and has a sweet personality. She listens, and takes her time with me every visit. I have been her patient for several years and highly recommend her.
Google Forefront Dermatology
Ashleigh Miller was so friendly and happy to help me. She knew exactly what i needed and quickly took care of it. Very knowledgeable and i didn't have to wait long to be seen. I will definitely ask for Ashleigh if i need to be seen again.
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I only waited about 5 minutes before entering my exam room. Everyone was very nice. Ashleigh got me check over and out in no time.
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I was very happy with my visit. I will be having yearly visits and I will be requesting Ashleigh J Miller, PA-C for my next visit.

Undergraduate Degree:
Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, MD

Graduate Degree:
Seton Hill University – Greensburg, PA

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