What Causes Eczema Flareups?

Eczema is a prevalent condition, with over 30 million Americans having some type. Eczema is a skin condition that causes the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed. It commonly appears as dry or scaly patches and can develop anywhere on your body. It isn’t contagious but develops due to environmental triggers and genetics.

Where on the body does eczema develop?

Common sites for infants include the scalp and face – especially the cheeks – the front of the knees, and the back of the elbows. In children, common areas include the neck, wrists, legs, ankles, and the creases of elbows or knees. In adults, the rash often appears on the elbows and knees and the nape of the neck.

What causes eczema flareups?

What causes an eczema flareup in one person may not cause it in another. Common eczema triggers include:

  • Sweat
  • Fabrics (wool, polyester)
  • Pet dander
  • Hot or cold weather or rapidly changing weather patterns
  • Harsh soaps, including hand and dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash
  • Dry skin
  • Stress
  • Juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Perfumes

Treating Eczema

While living with eczema can be an ongoing challenge, the condition is manageable. Depending on the age and severity, treatment options may include topical prescription medications, phototherapy, and biologics. If you are affected by eczema, it is best to know your triggers to avoid exposure. Be consistent with your treatment plans and develop a daily moisturizing regimen to help soothe dry skin.

If you are suffering from eczema and would like a tailored treatment plan, the board-certified dermatologists at Forefront Dermatology are here to help. Find a location near you today.