Scar Subcision and Punch Elevation is an acne scar treatment involving a minor surgical incision performed with local anesthesia that aids in releasing tethered scars.

Subcision is a very effective technique for correcting atrophic scars, whereas punch techniques are very effective for deep boxcar and ice pick scars.

What can Scar Subcision and Punch Elevation treat?

These treatments are suited to patients of any age, gender or skin type who have post-acne scarring such as superficial macules, dermal trough scars, ice pick scars, multi-channeled fistulous tracts and subcutaneous atrophy.

What is a Scar Subcision and Punch Elevation session like?

Subcision is a very effective technique for correcting atrophic scars. Essentially, the dermatologist inserts a fine needle and sweeps it back and forth repeatedly to free the skin from the underlying scar tissue.

Subcision treatments can be done in conjunction with other treatments such as laser resurfacing, skin rolling or dermal fillers

The punch excision acne scar removal method uses a small cookie cutter like tool to cut out the individual acne scar. After the scar is removed, the tiny wound that is formed during the process is covered up using steri-strips.

However, patients should know that this process leaves behind a tiny and much lighter acne scar in place of the original one.

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