KTP Laser

What is the KTP laser?

Keep your skin care goals in the green with the KTP laser, a green light laser that effectively treats facial redness, broken capillaries, rosacea, and more. The KTP laser is the most powerful green light laser on the market, with a single wavelength that easily absorbs into and corrects coloration of the skin.


How does the KTP laser work?

The KTP laser offers an appealing combination of high-energy tissue absorption and targeted precision, allowing your Forefront dermatologist to treat visible imperfections in your skin.

The laser’s bright green light is absorbed selectively into shallow blood vessels, gently healing them to stimulate the repair process. Some blood vessels disappear on contact with the laser – others may take up to four weeks to resolve or require additional treatment.

What is the KTP laser used for?

The KTP laser is one of the best lasers for broken capillaries – often referred to as “spider veins,” although the medical term for them is telangiectasias. These damaged, visible blood vessels just beneath the surface of your skin may look red, blue, or purple and most frequently appear on your legs or face.

The KTP laser can also treat:

• Other vascular lesions such as rosacea, hemangiomas, and port wine stains
• Pigmented lesions such as warts, moles, and brown spots
• Facial redness caused by acne scars
• And more

What does KTP laser treatment feel like?

All patients wear eye protection for KTP laser treatment, such as goggles. Before starting, your Forefront dermatologist will apply a cold, clear gel to the treatment area to serve as a coupling agent for the laser.

The KTP laser is a handpiece placed against the surface of your skin. Once treatment begins, you will feel each pulse of the laser energy shine into your skin as it gently warms blood vessels. Most patients describe the pain as extremely mild, like a rubber band lightly snapping your skin. Certain areas, such as your nose or upper lip, may be more sensitive.

How long does laser treatment for broken capillaries take?

KTP laser treatment usually lasts 15-40 minutes, depending on whether you treat spot areas or your entire face.

What happens after KTP laser treatment?

Many patients see immediate improvement after treatment, although improvement will continue over the next 4-6 weeks. For patients with numerous visible blood vessels, additional treatments will likely help. Most patients require 1-3 treatments on their face – but sometimes a touch-up procedure may be necessary, depending on your desired result.

For the first few days after treatment, you may experience redness or a slight burning sensation (similar to a sunburn), but they should subside quickly. Your Forefront dermatologist will provide you with makeup to cover the treated area(s), as well as detailed aftercare instructions.

Are there any side effects from KTP laser treatment?

Temporary redness or soreness are the most common side effects, especially on the upper cheeks or forehead. Again, both should subside in a few days. Scarring, bruising, and other adverse side effects rarely occur.

Be sure to protect the treated area(s) from sun exposure to reduce your risk of any skin pigmentation changes. Generally, cosmetic lasers work better on people with lighter than darker skin tones. However, your Forefront dermatologist can determine if KTP laser treatment is a viable option for you.

What does KTP laser treatment cost?

Whether you want to say goodbye to spider veins or reduce the redness of rosacea, Forefront Dermatology is here to help you find the best solution. We start by creating a customized treatment plan that meets your needs, your goals – and your budget. Ask your Forefront dermatologist about KTP laser treatment to learn more.

Skin redness and spider veins are no match for the KTP laser. Book a consultation with our skin care expert today.

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