Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes to make them look fuller and longer. The extensions are applied directly to your natural eyelashes (one extension per natural eyelash) using a semi-permanent glue. Each lash is only applied to an existing lash – never the skin.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, we typically apply anywhere from 60-140 eyelash extensions to each eye.

What are the types of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic, mink, or silk fibers and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No extension type lasts longer than the others, but mink and silk lashes tend to have a more natural look. Synthetic lashes are often thicker and darker, making them better suited for patients who want a bolder look.

There are also many types of lengths and curls to choose from. For instance, cat-style eyelash extensions use multiple lengths and curl strengths to create a wide-eyed effect, with longer lashes on the outer corners of the eyes and shorter lashes on the inner corners.


How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions typically hold up well for 2-3 weeks, then begin to fall out as your real lashes shed. Some patients make their eyelash extensions last for a month or more, while others opt to get them touched up every few weeks.

What is the application process for eyelash extensions like?

You’ll be lying down with your eyes closed for the entire application, which usually takes 1-2 hours (depending on how many eyelash extensions are being applied), so dress comfortably. You may also want to bring headphones so you can listen to music or your favorite podcast to pass the time.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit Forefront Dermatology to get eyelash extensions:

  • Evaluation – Your Forefront expert will ask if you have any conditions that make eyelash extensions unsuitable or unsafe for you. They will also ask you to remove your contacts if you wear them.
  • Choosing your style – Do you want a natural, classic look or something with more volume? Keep in mind that we will likely use a variety of eyelash extension lengths to achieve your desired look.
  • Cleaning the eye area – We thoroughly clean your eye area to remove oil, dirt, or other debris. Please do not wear any makeup to your appointment.
  • Applying tape – First, we apply an under-eye gel to your lower lash line to keep your lower lashes out of the way. Then we secure the eye gel with medical-grade tape on both sides of your eye (don’t worry, it won’t hurt when we remove the tape later).
  • Application – Using tweezers, we dip the end of each eyelash extension into lash glue and apply it directly to your individual lash. More voluminous looks may require multiple extensions per lash. The application is not painful, although you will have tweezers near your closed eyes.
  • Drying – Lash glue dries quickly on its own (usually in 10 minutes or less), although we may use a small fan to speed up the drying time.
  • Removing tape – Once your lashes are completely dry, we remove the under-eye gel and tape – again, this should not hurt at all. Once we do a final brush through your lashes, it’s time to slowly blink your eyes open and see your new look.

What are the best eyelash extensions near me?

Unfortunately, eyelash extensions are not regulated in certain states, and some only require a cosmetology license to perform the service.

The eye area is extremely sensitive and delicate, which is why Forefront Dermatology or another licensed professional should handle your eyelash extensions. We offer eyelash extensions at all Forefront Dermatology locations.

What are the pros and cons of eyelash extensions?

The pros:

  • They get the job done fast – Unlike lash growth products that take several weeks to produce results, eyelash extensions instantly amp up your appearance. You’ll wake up every day with long, gorgeous lashes.
  • They’re customizable – Your look can be as natural or as dramatic as you like.
  • They’re pain-free – The application process is 100% painless for almost everyone.
  • No need for mascara – You never have to worry about your mascara smearing or taking time to remove it at night. Appearance-wise, even the best mascaras out there can’t compete with eyelash extensions.

The cons:

  • They’re time-consuming – Applying a full set of eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 90-180 minutes, with refill appointments lasting up to an hour.
  • They can damage your natural lashes – As your natural lashes grow, it’s harder for them to support the weight of the extensions, which can cause breakage.
  • They might irritate your eyes – Anything near your eyes, including lash glue, can irritate or infect them. To prevent an allergic reaction, we recommend testing the glue on your hand before application.
  • No rubbing is allowed – You can’t rub your eyes when you have eyelash extensions, so you’ll have to avoid the eye area when washing or touching your face.

How much aftercare is required for eyelash extensions?

Following these steps can extend the life of your eyelash extensions:

  • Avoid getting them wet for the first 48 hours
  • Never use oil-based products – The oil in cleansers, makeup removers, or facial serums causes lash glue to dissolve.
  • Use caution when you shower – The weight of the water can lead to premature breakage.
  • Sleep on your back – Rubbing your lashes on your pillow can dislodge or loosen your eyelash extensions.
  • Avoid mechanical eyelash curlers – Use a heated eyelash curler instead if your extensions have started to lose their curl – or better yet, leave them alone.

Most patients do not experience any difficulties with their eyelash extensions. If your eyes feel mildly irritated after the application, a cold compress, allergy eye drops, hydrocortisone cream, or oral histamine products (such as Benadryl) can help relieve any discomfort. Contact us right away if your symptoms last longer than 28-48 hours.

All eyes will be on you with our professional eyelash extensions. Book a consultation with a skin care expert today.

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