DioLite and VariLite offer a series of quick, comfortable and effective treatments to reduce the appearance of facial vessels and pigmented lesions. Excellent for erasing broken capillaries, cherry angiomas and age spots.

How does DioLite 532 & VariLite 940 work ?

The laser light is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin (bright red blood cells carrying oxygen) and melanin/pigment (black or brown pigment found in the skin) causing the destruction by heat of unwanted cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

What can DioLite 532 & VariLite 940 treat ?

This procedure can be used to treat various types of vascular and pigmented lesions from port wine stains, cherry angiomas, freckles, age spots and broken capillaries.

What is a DioLite 532 & VariLite 940 session like ?

Some patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation during the treatment followed by some redness which usually dissipates in 2-4 hours. Some swelling may be experienced usually lasting 1-2 days.

There will not be any purple skin discoloration or bruised appearance to the treated skin.

Postoperative care is minimal, your dermatologist will provide you with the required instructions on a per case basis.

What results can be expected from DioLite 532 & VariLite 940 ?

There is minimal post-operative care required after a VariLite treatment and patients can immediately resume their daily activities with only a slight redness.

Results should be evident 10-14 days after treatment for vascular lesions and within 2-3 weeks after treatment for pigmented lesions.


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