Clear + Brilliant Permea

What is Clear + Brilliant Permea?

Clear + Brilliant Permea is a skin-rejuvenation treatment designed to target early signs of aging with zero downtime – perfect for anyone on a busy schedule. The special Permea handpiece delivers low-powered laser energy to millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, triggering the replacement of damaged cells with healthy, younger-looking tissue.

How does Clear + Brilliant Permea differ vs. original Clear + Brilliant Treatment?

Clear + Brilliant is already revered as one of the world’s most popular non-invasive skin treatments. However, Clear + Brilliant Permea takes it to another level with new advancements in laser technology. Clear + Brilliant Permea uses a smaller handpiece to get closer to the skin’s surface and deliver more targeted superficial laser treatment.


What results does Clear + Brilliant Permea deliver?

Clear + Brilliant Permea helps address early signs of aging by targeting and reducing brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and enlarged pores while rejuvenating skin tone and texture. This advanced skin-rejuvenation system improves the appearance of your skin with more customizable solutions and personalized results – all with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Can Clear + Brilliant Permea help treat melasma?

Yes! Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes dark patches on the skin, primarily on the face. Clear + Brilliant Permea treatment can successfully target and reduce melasma patches as well.

What happens during Clear + Brilliant Permea treatment?

Clear + Brilliant Permea treatment is virtually painless, although a topical anesthetic can help minimize any discomfort you may have (often described as a feeling of increased heat). Your Forefront dermatologist will use the handpiece to gently treat your skin, allowing the laser to work. One session usually takes about 30 minutes, but this timeframe may vary based on the size of the treatment area.

What is the recovery for Clear + Brilliant Permea like?

In most cases, patients can get back to their busy lives immediately – no downtime required. You can even start your normal skin care routine the very next day.

Who is a candidate for Clear + Brilliant Permea?

Anyone who wants to reduce the signs of early aging, improve their skin tone, or treat pigment issues like melasma can benefit from Clear + Brilliant Permea. Your Forefront dermatologist will create a treatment plan that addresses your unique skin concerns – schedule a consultation today to learn more.

When will I see results from Clear + Brilliant Permea?

Some improvement may be visible immediately, and changes will continue to take place during the week after your procedure. Most patients report that their skin feels softer and has a brighter, more even tone after just a few days. A series of 4-6 Clear + Brilliant Permea treatments is often recommended to achieve an optimal outcome.

Better laser technology means better results. To learn more about Clear + Brilliant Permea, book a consultation with a skin care expert today.

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