Thomas A. Pietras, MD, FAAD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
4.9 /5
170 reviews
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The doctor was very attentive and listened to my complaints. He explained his diagnosis and gave clear directions.
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Both Doc Clark and Pietras have worked out well for me. It's hard to get an appt because they are in demand. When you finally get in they take good care of me. No complaints.
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Excellent experience as always. Doctor Pietras takes enough time to explain his medical plan and also either writes what he just told me or draws a diagram of what the procedure involves! Hands down the best dermatologist I have ever seen. I trust him completely with my medical care. Jeanne Dahm
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Dr. Pietras is excellent - thorough, professional, efficient, and trustworthy. The office was busier than usual when I'm there but things still moved fairly smoothly. The check in process is quick if a person has been there before. While they do a good job by not requiring a lot to get checked in or out, a little friendlier approach at the reception desk would be a welcome addition. In my experience the billing process is a challenge. I usually get a bill for charges above and beyond what my insurance covers but it isn't always accurate. The nurses and schedulers I have talked to via phone are very professional and very helpful. Thank you.
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I was impressed with Dr. Pietras, he was very thorough and knowledgeable. I was impressed that he took a biopsy to get a more accurate diagnosis which is not something that the two dermatologists that I have seen previously did not do. I feel quite confident that he will be a fantastic physician to help me deal with a skin condition which has made my life painful and embarrassing for years. One downside is that I made my appointment in early March and it didn't happen until the end of April. It took FOREVER and I believe that the partnership needs to step up and hire at least one additional MD.
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Dr Pietras is an excellent doctor that has helped our family tremendously. This community should be fortunate to have him.
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Very timely. Appreciated that.
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Very thorough exam. Very easy to talk with.
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Dr. Pietras is an excellent dermatologist. He knew what I needed to clarify my skin.
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Skin check. Very comfortable experience.

Undergraduate degree:
Coe College – Cedar Rapids, IA

Medical School:
University of Iowa- Iowa City, IA

Dermatology Residency:
University of Iowa- Iowa City, IA

Hospital Affiliations
St. Luke's Hospital
American Board of Dermatology
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American Medical Association
Iowa Dermatologic Society
Linn County Medical Society
Gold Star Patient Care Award - University of Iowa
Resident Teaching Award - University of Iowa
Leadership and Excellence Award - University of Iowa
Gold Humanism Honor Society

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