Kate Sedlaczek, FNP – C
Family Nurse Practitioner
4.9 /5
72 reviews
I am very passionate about informing my patients about the importance of preventative screenings for skin cancer. Thorough full body examinations are key to the early detection and treatment of skin cancers.
- Kate Sedlaczek, ARNP
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I originally went to Forefront Dermatology to have a mole removed. Kate noticed something on my arm, I thought it was a spider's bite or maybe another bite of some kind. She (Kate) identified it as hives and prescribed what I needed for it to get better. This so-called spider's bite had been happening about every 2 or 3 weeks. Now what spider is going to bite you in the same place every 2 or 3 weeks? Or any other insect for that matter. Kate also explained in detail what a medical chemical peel is and calmed my fears of what I had thought it was. And the mole? She froze it with Nitrogen and it will fall off by itself .
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Each visit is handled with professionalism and also a personal touch. I get any questions or concerns answered appropriately. Kate, NP is caring and very proactive in my care. Phone calls when necessary are made to me or for me by the staff.
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NP Kate addressed all my concerns at my appointment.
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Kate Sedlaczek is wonderful! She takes her time in explaining the side effects of the medicine my daughter is taking for her acne. She talks to her not at her which helps my daughter feel comfortable asking questions.
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Just moved from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Was very satisfied with the treatment received at FOREFRONT DERMATOLOGY of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thank you Kate Sedlaczek, FNP-C for the Information & treatment.
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Superb customer service of the physician and staff! Thank you for your assistance!
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I really liked this Polish lady.
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They got me in to see a specialist in record time. Thanks
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Kate made getting a full body check so comfortable and not something I dread.
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Fast and professional service! Kate and her staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. They explained everything clearly.

Undergraduate Degree:
Sigmarinen, Germany

Graduate Degree:
Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington

Professional Memberships
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
The Dermatology Nurses' Association Certification