Sean F. Pattee, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon
4.9 /5
29 reviews
I try to treat every patient as an individual, realizing that even though it may be the 10,000th time I’ve performed the surgery, it’s likely the first time the patient has gone through it.
- Sean F. Pattee, MD
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Dr. Pattee was personable and very knowledgeable. I am extremely happy with my results.
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At our most recent visit.. the lady who welcomed us to our room got nasty with the doctor. The doctor told her that she didn’t do something on the computer before she came in and the lady said, “I did do it.” The doctor told her she didn’t.
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Dr and staff were very kind and condiderate. Absolutely no complaint there. But of all the MOHs surgeries I’ve had this is the very first time that inexperienced Păįņ in the surgical much that I never slept at all. Also, wait time was too long. Thirty minutes I can understand for necessary procedures, but 75 min is rediculous! One wait period was 75 min where I saw not one human being. I truly thought I was forgotten about. I’m not a complainer but truly feel that accurate timing is important. So thought it important that this should be brought to your attention.
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Dr. Pattee is complete and caring physician! My visit was thorough and to the point!
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My session with the doctor was short and to the point. On time. Every thing is healed and looking good. A great job!
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Very professional and is awesome at Moe Surgery.
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Made me feel very comfortable. Very personable with a great bedside manner.
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Dr. Sean has always been connected to people and their quest for health; his expertise as a surgeon is evident on the faces of many patients. I'm happy to say mine is one of them. Thanks Sean.
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Wonderful thorough caring doctor!!!
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I was very impressed with Dr. Pattee's knowledge as well as how well he can preform the procedure. Also he remembered me from my last procedure which was several years ago which was pleasantly surprising. I have a few other suspicious spots and I will surely have Dr. Pattee as my surgeon! Thanks again for a no worry, no scary appointment! Karen

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Meet Your Dermatologist – Dr. Sean F. Pattee
Meet Your Dermatologist – Dr. Sean F. Pattee

Undergraduate Degree:
Brigham Young University, UT

Medical School:
University of Arizona, AZ

Dermatology Residency:
University of Arizona, AZ

Mohs Fellowship:
University of Massachusetts, MA

Hospital Affiliations
Aurora Medical Center Manitowoc County
Holy Family Memorial
Board-Certified Dermatologist (American Board of Dermatology)
Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon (American College of Mohs Surgery)
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American Society of Dermatologic Surgery
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (top 10% of medical school class)
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
Frances A & Dorothy Roy Memorial Scholarship
Leland S Berkley Memorial Scholarship
Jeremiah Metzger Scholarship
Hans & Julia Voight Scholarship
Trustee Scholar, 1992-1997, Brigham Young University
Valedictorian, Sunnyslope High School

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Pattee SF, Hansen RC, Bangert JL, Joganic EF. Giant congenital nevus with progressive sclerodermoid reaction in a newborn. Pediatric Dermatology. 2001 Jul-Aug;18(4):320-4.

Pattee SF, Silvis NG, Ellsworth LG. Diffuse pustular eruption after treatment of dog bite: acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP) due to antibiotic therapy. Archives of Dermatology. 2002 Aug;138(8):1091-6.

Hinckley M, Pattee SF, Levine N, Bangert J, Wheeland R. Ulcerated Nodule on the Chest of a 92-year-old Man. Submitted to Archives of Dermatology.

Woods M, Pattee SF, Levine N. Penile Calciphylaxis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Accepted for publication in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.