Molly Moye, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon
4.9 /5
98 reviews
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Very attentive to the patients concerns. Amazing that she resolves the skin issues the first time.
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As of yesterday I 've been seeing Dr Moye for six months. She's always friendly and and listens to my concerns. Doesn't ever let me feel like she is rushing me. Thanks Dr Moye
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Very pleased with the quality of the visit and the recommendations made and care and prescription given.
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What an exemplary experience! Efficient check in, called for my appt by name at 10:00am my appt time, escorted to a room and a summary of my concerns and past history was taken by Cheryle. Dr. Moye is so personable, concerned and caring. Performed a quick procedure and then a skin check. I left so pleased and affirmed!
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I've been fortunate to be a patient of this practice for years and Drs. Jackson and Moye have been terrific. I have not once been helped by any on the nursing staff that were anything less than exceptional However, yesterday I heard not one word of welcome or thanks from the administrative staff. There was no greeting, no word of thanks for the payment, please was not uttered, It was perfunctory and cold. I mention this only because it is such a departure from what I've become accustomed. As difficult as it was for me to do it, when I checked-out, I forced myself to turn and leave without saying another word at the front desk. The behavior toward me felt intentionally rude. Okay, I'll make it through the day, but surely this isn't the image you wish to portray and certainly treatment that has been foreign to me in your office.
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Dr. Mote did an excellent job. The only glitch was trying to get my pathology records to her. That took a month.
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Office is clean and nurses are friendly but one of my biggest issues with this place is that there’s a long wait time even if you have an appointment, which I find disrespectful. If we as patients are expected to be on time then the staff should also be respectful of our time and not have patients waiting 30+ min AFTER their scheduled appointment time. Also, I tend to have issues with my prescriptions somehow not getting to the pharmacy, I’m not sure if it’s a computer glitch or what but I always have to call back and ask the doctor to re-send my prescriptions because CVS doesn’t have them.
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Dr. Moyer was great as always thank you so much for your professional treatment and addressing all my concerns
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I visited Dr Moye last week and I can vouch that she is a very genuine and caring doctor. She takes time to listen to your concerns and answers them unlike other doctors who are always in a rush. Her nurse also got back to me after my consultation to ensure I have what I need. Highly recommend.
Vitals Forefront Dermatology
Dr. Moye and her staff did a great job.

Undergraduate Degree:
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Medical School:
Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

University of Iowa, Iowa City

Mohs Fellowship:
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

American Board of Dermatology
American College of Mohs Surgery
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
Greater Louisville Medical Society
International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative
Kentucky Dermatologic Association
Kentucky Medical Association
Women’s Dermatologic Society

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