Andrea Garrett, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
4.6 /5
147 reviews
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I have been a patient of Dr. Andrea Garrett for more than 15 years now. Dr. Garrett is the most kind and compassionate physician that I have ever received treatment from for any medical need. Always on schedule and still giving of her time to listen to my concerns. Detailing her diagnosis and treatment plan, she is a wonderful communicator. I am totally confident in her abilities to address my needs and keep me healthy. My 75% Irish-complexion is challenging, to say the least. Remember to keep that SPF 70 sunscreen close at hand! And use it!!
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Dr, Garrett is the best.
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Dr garrett is amazing, i wouldnt even consider seeing another dr for anything in her field.
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Dr garrett is amazing, i wouldnt even consider seeing another dr for anything in her field.
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Survey cane out quickly! First appt. involved a biopsy. Have not heard results or possible treatment yet. Have not needed to access my records nor have I seen a bill yet. Everything so far was excellent.
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Always a professional staff in a clean environment. Forefront is the best!
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Doctor/staff were timely; I did not have a long wait time. Dr. Garrett was direct and to the point, She outlined steps I could start doing to help improve my skin She was informative and helpful.
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Dr. Garrett was very thorough and kind. Bedside manner was excellent, felt very comfortable. The conversation was good and I understood my options and what our plan was for my medical care.
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Dr. Garrett's office is clean, efficient, and has many modern tools. She was fast, professional, knowledgeable, and alleviated any fears I had about skin damage. The visit seemed a bit rushed, but I don't feel like she didn't exam well, just that she is a doctor who has other patients and does not waste time. I would highly recommend her.
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Great staff thank you so much doctor Garrett for your excellent experience . doctor Garrett the best.

Undergraduate Degree:
University of Missouri, MO

Medical Degree:
University of Missouri School of Medicine, MO

Dermatology Residency:
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, WI

Board-Certified Dermatologist (American Board of Dermatology)
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American Contact Dermatitis Society
American Society of Mohs Surgery
Conley Scholar- medical school pre-acceptance as a high school senior
Curator’s Scholarship
Bright Flight Scholarship
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship
National Merit Special Scholarship
Memorial Community Hospital Health Professions Scholarship
1999 Phi Lambda Upsilon Award: Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry
1998 Department of Biochemistry Junior Outstanding Student Award
1997 Department of Biochemistry Sophomore Outstanding Student Award
1996 Gamma Sigma Delta Sophomore Scholastic Award:Top Student in the School of Agriculture
1998-1999 Phi Lambda Upsilon- Chemistry Honor Society, Vice President
1997-1999 University of Missouri Honors College Student Ambassador
1997-1999 Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society: top 5% of School of Agriculture
1997-1999 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society: top 7.5% of MU class
1996-1999 Phi Eta Simga Honor Society: recognize high scholastic achievement of freshman
MU Intramural Rec Sports Championships: basketball, golf, volleyball
University of Missouri Medical Scholarship
1999-2003 Medical Student Affairs Council representative, President 2003
1999-2001 Curriculum Board Student Member
2003 Graduation Committee
2001-2003 Conley/Bryant Scholar Admissions Committee
2001 Honor Council Chairperson/Member
2001-2003 Mutation Staff- medical school yearbook
2000-2001 University of Missouri School of Medicine Tour Guide
1999-2001 Champs/Tar-wars Volunteer
1999-2001 Jefferson City MO- Free Health Clinic Volunteer
2002 Medical Student Affairs Council Art Contest 2nd place
MU intramural Rec Sports Championships: flag football

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Apr;243(1):148-57. Epub 2007 Jan 31.
Bennett LK, Garrett AL. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: is gadolinium the missing piece to the puzzle? Cutis. 2008 May;81(5):421-6.
Gary S. Wood, Chung-Hong Hu, Andrea L. Garrett. Parapsoriasis and Pityriasis. In: Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine Online Edition. 7th Ed. 2008