An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

An anti-aging skincare routine starts with consistency and ends with beautiful skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

Start by applying 2 to 3 pumps of a gentle cleanser onto your face. Work the cleanser into your skin for a minimum of 30 seconds. This will allow the ingredients in your cleanser to activate and do the job it’s intended for. Following this, rinse your face off with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

Step 2: Hyaluronic Acid Serum or Vitamin C Serum

The serum you choose is ultimately up to your preference and skin goals. Hyaluronic Acid Serum delivers intense hydration where it’s needed most. A Vitamin C-based serum is an antioxidant powerhouse that boosts natural defense against damaging oxidation caused by pollution, toxins, and other environmental stressors. It also can help skin appear brighter and improve elasticity. Studies show that not all Vitamin C serums on the market are created equal. Her favorite Vitamin C serum is CE Ferulic by Skin Ceuticals, but she may adjust to Phloretin CF or Silymarin CF serums depending on the patient’s skin care needs. Regardless of which serum you choose, put 4 to 5 drops of this serum onto your hand and press it into your skin. Let your skin sit for a good minute before moving on to the next step. 

Step 3: Medications 

If your dermatologist prescribes a topical medication, this is the perfect time to apply medicated lotions or creams. 

Step 4: Moisturizer

Depending on your skin type, you will apply a lightweight or heavyweight moisturizer to help lock in moisture all day. Apply a small amount across your entire face and neck. Allow this product to dry before moving on to step 5. 

Step 5: Sunscreen 

Finish your morning routine with a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen to protect it against harmful UV rays and prevent premature aging. It is best to apply sunscreen separately from make-up as most do not apply enough make-up to provide adequate protection. 

While having a consistent skincare routine is the key to healthy skin, sometimes our skin needs a little extra help after being subjected to years of sun exposure, lack of sunscreen, and more. Many cosmetic treatments for skin rejuvenation are available, which can also be a part of your anti-aging skincare routine. The options can be tailored to you and your budget, treating fine lines and wrinkles, treating volume loss, and removing sun spots. Find a local board-certified dermatologist near you and schedule a cosmetic consultation to find out what treatments can help you reach your skin goals.