Pulse Dye Laser

The Pulsed Dye Laser, or PDL uses a concentrated beam of light that targets blood vessels in the skin.


Gentle on the Skin

No Downtime

What is Pulse Dye Laser?

The light is converted into heat, destroying the blood vessel while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The laser uses yellow light, which is very safe and does not result in any long-term skin damage. PDL treatments usually take only a few minutes, require no anesthesia and are performed during an outpatient clinic visit. 

What are the symptoms?

Most patients with usually need between 1-3 treatments. Patients with port wine stains, hemangiomas and extensive rosacea may need more treatments. Improving the appearance of red scars, hypertrophic scars or keloids may take a variable number of treatments.

“The procedure was quick and painless. The slight redness provided by the laser faded quickly, leaving behind smooth and wrinkle free skin.”

― Pulse Dye Laser Patient

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