European Facial

A European facial is a comprehensive treatment that provides a thorough, deep cleansing of the face and neck. First, a cleansing is performed to remove makeup and impurities from the face. We then begin the exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells. From there, we perform an extraction process to deep clean the skin, and then apply disinfection to further clean the skin. A mask is then applied to condition and moisturize. The European facial can sometimes include a message for further relaxation.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms necessitating a European facial often include clogged pores, fine lines, age spots, blemishes or dry and uneven skin tones.

Who gets it?

European facials offer a host of benefits, including cleansing and relaxation, so they’re very popular among a wide array of patients. For most, this treatment serves to improve the look, feel and health of their skin, delivering a radiant, youthful glow.

Treatment Options

To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that this comprehensive treatment be performed by a Forefront dermatologist who is specially trained in administering European facials. If you are interested in European facials, the skin experts at Forefront Dermatology can develop a treatment plan that is safe, effective and personalized for your health needs and the condition of your skin. For more information, or to make an appointment, call the Forefront Dermatology office near you. For locations, click here.

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