Genesis Laser is designed to reduce the appearance of excessive redness/rosacea, large pores, uneven texture and fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Genesis Laser work ?

Genesis Laser is a safe and effective treatment that uses a temporary thermal treatment to increase the skin’s collagen production, break down damaged capillaries and shrinks pores on the skin’s surface.

Genesis Laser a safe, non-invasive laser technology to clear fine lines and diffuse redness, uneven textures and scarring. A short series of treatments is recommended for optimal results, and patients will see quick improvements after each session.

What can Genesis Laser treat ?

Genesis Laser helps correct conditions associated with early skin damage and aging – clinically proven to reduce without downtime excessive redness/rosacea, large pores, uneven texture, fine lines or wrinkles.

What is a Genesis Laser session like ?

A session starts with cleansing your face, then you will be given protective eyewear. Then the laser treatment is delivered via a small handheld device. Most Laser Genesis treatments take about 30 minutes, but they can go longer if multiple areas are being treated. You may experience a warm tingling during the treatment.

What results can be expected from Genesis Laser ?

Sometimes called a “lunch time laser treatment,” Laser Genesis is quick and painless with no downtime.

Doctors recommend you avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum sunscreen after treatments, even in the winter. You should also avoid steam rooms, saunas, and strenuous exercise right after the procedure.

While you may see some results after your treatment, you’ll see the most optimal results 3–9 weeks later. Dermatologists typically recommend a series of 3–5 treatments to yield the best results.

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