Moses Albert, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
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I have been going to Dr. Albert for many years, he is so knowledgeable and very competent with every procedure he does. I tried a couple other doctors in the past that were having specials and was so disappointed with the outcome that I had to go to Dr. Albert to have it fixed. I will never go to any other doctors again, only Dr. Albert.
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Dr. Albert is very kind and gentle. He seems very knowledgeable and interested in your care.
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Made me feel at ease . I would highly recommend Dr. Albert.
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Dr. Moses and Rachael are excellent physicians but their service is shadowed with front desk Staff unable to be responsive and answer simple questions on the phone and in person, called twice was told my call would be returned!,,, still waiting In addition was told that Dr. Moses does not have an emergency contact number after hours, patients must call "911" Most physicians have after hours emergency contact numbers.
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I had a wart from very young that persisted after all kinds of over the counter meds. Also visited 2 other Dermatologists who freeze and nothing happened. Dr Albert took care of my problem and it is gone. he knows his stuff.
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I had filler and botox injections. Dr. Albert is a genius and makes miracles happen. My face has been transformed in ways I could never have imagined and for that I thank Dr. Albert and his staff.
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I've been seeing him for over 2 years for my acne, he listens to what I have to say and stops any medicine or treatments if I tell him there are any negative side effects. If you're a new patient, be aware of his bedside manner. It seems as though every other visit he is happy and in a good mood vs others where he seems indifferent but still is able to treat the problem correctly. I see him every two weeks and I tend to notice that in the morning times, first appointment he is more friendlier and happier than the last-later appointments. Since I am a regular the wait time isn't bad. . . in the mornings. He can get busy and you will have to wait, even when they send you into the room, you'll have to wait sometimes an additional 30 + minutes. Overall I really really like him despite the time consuming waits.
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Always pleasant, professional, & patient.As he hums quietly while performing a biopsy or excising some dreadful something or other, it contributes to my sense of calm and confidence. Good Doc, good man .
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They always take that extra step to make me feel special. I always enjoy my appointments here. I haven't seen any coupons or discounts for this provider's office, but I haven't really looked. They nev er mention anything about promotions when I'm there. They're really great about taking their time with me, and they don't mind answering my questions. I've never felt like an annoyance to them no matter how many questions I have.
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This was my first visit to Dr. Albert, but he was wonderful! Very nice and listened to all of my concerns and offered solutions. He seems very willing to help.

Undergraduate Degree:
Georgetown University – Washington, DC

Medical School:
Washington University – St. Louis, MO

Dermatology Residency:
Washington Hospital Center – St. Louis, MO

American Board of Dermatology