Steven M. Rotter, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon
4.7 /5
113 reviews
I want to educate patients about what treatments are available for them and work together to implement the plan that they helped create.
- Steven M. Rotter, MD
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Dr. Rotter is wonderful, super-skilled, smart, pragmatic and thoughtful. You don't get this kind of doctor-ing at many places! Highly recommended.
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This was my first experince with Dr. Rotter. Dr. Rotter and his team are like a well oiled machine of surgical skills and compassion. Dr. Rotter introduced himself and explained the entire surgical procedure of the Mohs surgery. Dr. Rotter and his assistant kept me abreast of what was happening throughout the surgery. Everything was excellent from start to finish. Overall, Dr. Rotter knows how to work with his patients--listening and demonstrating his surgical expertise.
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i had a 10:15 appt and the doctor came in around 11:30:(
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You make a stressful experience very easy worry free
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Dr. Rotter and his staff are great. I have had several moh's procedures performed by Dr. Rotter and he does a wonderful job.
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I always enjoy my visit to your office.
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I am very satisfied with every aspect of my experience
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doctor rotter performed mohs surgery on me yesterday, ably assisted by hillary, and everything was done as well as could be. i arrived late for my appointment, but no problem — the check-in people just went about getting me through the process quickly. the whole experience went smoothly and pleasantly —total professionalism in every particular from start to finish.
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Dr Rotter and his staff are so kind and professional.
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Dr. Rotter is such a pleasant and professional healthcare provider. Always attentive, supportive and kind.

Undergraduate Degree:
University of Maryland – College Park, MD

Medical Degree:
University of Maryland – College Park, MD

Dermatology Residency:
John Hopkins Hospital – Baltimore, MD

Mohs Fellowship:
University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

American Board of Dermatology
American College of Mohs Surgery

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