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Our location is currently OPEN. Our physicians & staff are following CDC guidelines to ensure your safety. For everyone's safety, please wear a mask to your visit and come by yourself, unless you are a minor or in need of assistance. If you need to book an appointment, please call 703-442-0301. We are now offering teledermatology visits to help assist you from the comfort of your own home. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath or have come into contact with a COVID‑19 patient, we request that you schedule a teledermatology visit or reschedule your appointment.

The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used in skin resurfacing.

How does CO2 laser work?

Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except it removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. 

What can CO2 laser treat?

This treatment is for anyone with fine lines or wrinkles throughout the face, such as around the eyes, mouth or forehead, acne scars, and sun damaged skin. Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except it removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device.

What results can be expected from CO2 laser?

Generally, laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure requiring no overnight stay.

Your dermatologist may treat individual wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, or forehead or treat your entire face. For small areas a local anesthetic is used, whereas sedation is used if the whole face is treated.

Following the laser procedure, the dermatologist will bandage the treated area. Starting 24 hours after treatment, you will need to clean the treated area four to five times a day. Then you’ll need to apply an ointment, such as petroleum jelly, to prevent scabs from forming. Healing time can range from one to three weeks depending on the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CO2 laser skin surfacing right for me?
Your Forefront dermatologist will determine which laser treatment is best for you after considering your medical history, current health, and desired results. Tell the doctor if you get cold sores or fever blisters around your mouth. Laser skin resurfacing can trigger breakouts in people who are at risk.

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This Forefront Dermatology clinic, is led by board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Steven Rotter, Dr. Fran Rotter, Dr. Christian Millett, Dr. Missale Mesfin, Dr. Sarah Taylor and Dr. Rhett Kent, offering CO2 Laser treatment to the residents of Vienna, Virginia.

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