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How does Vascular Pigmented Laser work ?

As red skin lesions (those containing predominantly blood vessels) and brown pigmented lesions specifically absorb the laser light, the target lesion can be selectively heated and destroyed without any destruction of the overlying skin or surrounding tissues. In other words, most treatable lesions can be removed effectively with minimal, if any, residual blemish.

Exposing lesions to short pulses of visible light, causes a sharp rise in temperature in the concentrated melanin, thereby destroying cells that contain excess melanin. The ensuing cell regeneration process results in the improved appearance and texture of pigmented lesions.

What can Vascular Pigmented Laser treat ?

Pigmented lesions occur in people with all skin types, their appearance, texture and relief variations are usually attributed to:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Aging
  • Congenital factors

 While most pigmented lesions are cosmetic in nature, in some cases they are early signs of skin cancer and should be diagnosed by a medical professional.

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