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For anyone who is tired of dealing with underarm sweat, odor, and hair, a new solution is available: miraDry®. A non-invasive, permanent and FDA approved procedure that can take care of underarm issues in as little as one treatment.

How does miraDry work ?

miraDry uses microwave technology to reduce the number of active sweat glands under your arms—meaning you’ll experience much less persipiration and odor.

The microwaves used in miraDry treatments aren’t the same kind that reheat your lunch; they’re non-invasive, FDA-approved, and “non-ionizing.” They’re as safe as radio waves.

What is a miraDry session like ?

First, your Forefront dermatologist will numb your underarm and mark the area with a template guide. Then a handheld applicator is used to target sweat glands beneath the underarm skin, suctioning the skin, followed by microwaves that “deactivate” your sweat glands.

What results can be expected from miraDry ?

Most patients report a dramatic, permanent reduction of their underarm sweat. In a recent clinical study, the average underarm sweat reduction was 82%. You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. As with any medical procedure, results will vary by person.

There’s little downtime after a miraDry treatment, but you should expect some swelling, soreness, and bruising for a few days after the procedure.

miraDry® for hyperhidrosis Procedure Video

Dr. Giacomo Maggiolino on miraDry® and miraSmooth®

Dr. Giacomo Maggiolino on miraDry® and miraSmooth®

In this video Dr. Giacomo Maggiolino discusses how miraDry® and miraSmooth®, can eliminate or drastically reduce in only one session, unwanted excessive sweat, odour and hair.

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As a sufferer of excessive underarm sweat my entire life and having tried everything short of Botox, miraDry by far was the best thing I have ever done to help with my condition..
- Forefront Dermatology Patient

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