Susan E. Rudolph, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
4.6 /5
44 reviews
My patients are the most rewarding part of my practice. They are so grateful when you detect an early skin cancer or make their itchy, miserable rash or severe acne go away.
- Susan E. Rudolph, MD
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I am very pleased with the staff and the service I have received.
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I had a very pleasant visit. Everyone was very nice. I would recommend Dr. Susan Rudolph and her staff to my friends and family.
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Everyone was very professional and quick to help with questions. I will definitely go back!
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Though it has been less than 48 hours from my visit, the Rx may be working already. Dr. Rudolph was thorough and she and her staff were pleasant and courteous. I would visit her establishment again if need be.
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I was met by a very good, efficient and proficient staff. My appointment was on time. Dr. Rudolph was professional and gave me a thorough exam and explained herself well. Several days after my appointment, Dr. Rudolph, called me at home, after her normal working hours, and shared with me the results of my biopsy. She also volunteered to call a doctor concerning a referral appointment, and Dr. Rudolph was going to make this call on her day off. Dr. Rudolph went above and beyond to make me comfortable and she went out of her way to expedite my treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Rudolph to anyone looking for a dermatologist.
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Did not like the wait time 45 min behind
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Dr. Susan Rudolph recently had a visit from a family member. I could not have been more pleased as she handled all his concerns and removed any questions he had. What she did find, she handled efficiently and respectfully. I would highly recommend her for your dermatology needs.
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Dr Rudolph is very personable. She is very thorough and takes the time to address any concerns. I highly recommend her clinic.
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I was pleased with the pleasantly of your staff. I recommend others to use your services. My head and itchiness feel better. Will do a follow up in future. Thanks for the help.
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I have nothing but good comments to make about Dr Rudolph. She is thorough with her exam, answers any questions I might have and her and everyone of her assistants are nothing but pleasant

Undergraduate Degree:
University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Graduate Degree:
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN

Medical School:
University of Minnesota School of Medicine – Minneapolis, MN

Dermatology Residency:
Marshfield Clinic – Marshfield, WI

Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
Minnesota Dermatological Society
Minnesota Medical Association
American Medical Association

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