Rick Storie, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant
5.0 /5
73 reviews
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PA-C,Rick Storie is amazing! I had been dealing with a flair up on my hand for sometime now. Had seen two different doctor and nothing has helped. Within a week of seeing Rick Storie and using the medication he prescribed, I am more than happy to say, the rash and irritation is finally gone.
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I go to Rick Storie at Forefront Dermatology not only because he always does a phenomenal job with any skin problems I've had in the past , and for my Botox injections, but because he truly cares about his patients and takes the utmost care in his the procedures he provides for them. The nurses there are all very kind and take the time to explain things so you understand. They also do a wonderful job. I wouldn't go anywhere else for skin proceedures.
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Pleasant staff, respectful of concerns and excellent care.
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Rick Storie is competent, knowledgable, and professional. I am confident that I will receive great care and I trust him. He’s also pleasant and friendly which sure makes a difference!
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We have really liked working with Mr. Storie, he is very efficient and takes time to explain if any questions. The rest of the staff is very nice and helpful!
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The staff was great. But I was surprised at the dirtiness of the patient rooms. As I waited for the practitioner to arrive, I glanced around the room, and I was surprised to see dust and debris along the walls and especially in the corners. It looked like the room had not been swept for at least a couple of weeks. If the place were a restaurant, I'd be a little grossed out. That it's a medical establishment was a little unnerving as well. If the staff wasn't so pleasant, I'd probably find another dermatologist.
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Really interested in removing entire issue so that the possibility of it returning was minimal. Also interested in how I felt during the extraction. More than willing to xplain what he was doing. Put me at ease.
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Mr. Storie is always prompt and efficient while giving the best care no matter what your needs are!
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Great explanations of what is going on with my skin concerning the numerous specks and dots as I get older. I appreciated the thorough exam. Thanks Kevin Rogers
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Mr Storie is a great physician! He always takes his time and never seems in a rush to get to his next patient like most doctors! I have wished on multiple occasions that he was my regular GP!

Undergraduate Degree:
Ball State University
Lutheran College/ University of St. Francis

Graduate Degree:
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Physician Assistant Health Professions Bureau, Indiana
Physician Assistant, NCCPA
Registered Nurse Health Professions Bureau, Indiana