Sara Wilchowski, MS, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant
4.8 /5
188 reviews
My patients take their conditions to heart, so it’s very gratifying when they come in for a follow up appointment and I can see how much they’ve improved.
- Sara Wilchowski, MS, PA-C
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Please tell Dr. Sara thank her so much for understanding. I was very sick yesterday went to hospital right after visit to her. I had to stay at hospital all day and did not get home till midnight. Until they got my potassium levels down. I do appreciate her caring ❤️
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Sarah was very kind and knowledgeable and even personally called to follow up with lab results.
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Front desk staff did not even greet me. No smile, or hello. It also took a while to get checked in. Doctor and nurse were great!
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The only thing I noticed from my experience was the tech that brought me back to the room. I work in a patient oriented environment and I felt she was curt and having a bad day. As I was checking out she approached the woman helping me and carried on a conversation that could have waited. The person checking me out even apologized for the interruption. People who work with and care for people should be friendly no matter what kind of day they’re having.
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My patient portal does not have any chart information, so it's not very useful.
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Enough time has not passed to answer some questions.
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I like the new location and the medical service.
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Appropriate sense of humor for both Sara and Jenny? Considering my hearing deficiency, I truly appreciated Sara’s enunciation and clarity of speech.
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Very short stay in both waiting and examination rooms. Staff was courteous and friendly. Sara did a great job of explaining my treatment. I recommended the office to my golf partner this morning.
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Dr. Wilchowski was very professional, courteous and accommodating. I felt very secure and very well taken care of. Absolutely recommend seeing her!

Undergraduate Degree:
Eastern Michigan University, MI

Graduate Degree:
Wayne State University, MI

Board-Certified Physician Assistant (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants)
Diplomate of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants)
Certified Melanoma Educator
Professional Memberships
Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants
Michigan Dermatology Physician Assistant Society
Michigan Dermatology Physician Assistant of the Year - April 2016
Varsity Gymnastics MAC Champion Team
Varsity Gymnastics Scholar Athlete - High Honors
Varsity Gymnastics Scholastic All-American
Varsity Gymnastics MAC Commissioners Award
Exercise Science Organization
Phi Epsilon Kappa - Zeta Omicron Chapter
Dean's Student Advisory Board
Dean's List
Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants Scholarship
Lara Rutan, MS, PA-C Memorial Scholarship
Eastern Michigan University Faculty Council Scholarship
Michigan Merit Award

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