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What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is fungal infection that affects the skin between the toes. This form of ringworm is also contagious and can be spread to toenails and hands. Athlete’s foot impacts athletes and non-athletes alike, as well as men and women of all ages and races.

What are the symptoms?

Those suffering from athlete’s foot will feel an itching, stinging and burning between their toes and also the soles of their feet. Often, symptoms will include blisters on the feet, cracking and peeling of the skin and discolored, thick and crumbly toe nails.

Who gets it?

Virtually anyone can get athlete’s foot due to its highly contagious nature. Most often, athlete’s foot is spread by going barefoot in public places, such as locker rooms, showers and pools. You can also contract athlete’s foot if you have sweaty feet and often wear tight shoes, as the lack of ventilation creates optimal conditions for fungal growth.

Treatment Options

Athlete’s foot is highly curable with proper treatment and hygiene. Your Forefront dermatologist can prescribe either a topical or oral anti-fungal prescription, depending upon your need. Proper hygiene and foot care are also a must to keep your feet free from athlete’s foot. If you have athlete’s foot, the skin experts at Forefront Dermatology can develop a treatment plan that is safe, effective and personalized for your health needs and the condition of your skin. For more information on athlete’s foot, or to make an appointment, call the Forefront Dermatology office near you. For locations, click here.

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