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Micro-dermal Infusion with Silkpeel™
in Frederick, MD

Silkpeel™ helps
the skin look
and feel its best
Improvements are seen
20 minutes
later from the procedure
Silkpeel™ treatment carries
little to no risk
of complications
Treats red blotches,
oily and dry

What is Silkpeel™ Micro-dermal Infusion?

The SilkPeel™ Micro-Dermal Infusion is a non-invasive skincare system that gently but deeply exfoliates the skin to improve its overall health and appearance. Many patients undergo the SilkPeel treatment before or after IPL or other laser treatments in order to maximize the results and help the skin look and feel its best.

This system can effectively improve the appearance of:

  • Oily, acne-prine skin
  • Dry, flaky patches
  • Bright red blotches

How does Silkpeel™ Micro-dermal Infusion work?

During treatment, a serum chosen to treat your individual skin condition is infused into the skin with the SilkPeel hand-piece so that the vitamins, antioxidants and other therapeutic ingredients can be accurately delivered. Patients may experience a mild tightening feeling as the skin is treated, but most are able to enjoy a cool, refreshed feeling from the topical solutions applied to the skin.

What happens after treatment?

After treatment, patients may experience a warm, pinkish glow, although this usually fades within 20 minutes, leaving the skin radiant and healthy. There is no downtime after this procedure, and patients are able to return to work and other normal activities immediately after. In fact, many patients have this treatment done during their lunch hour so that they don’t have to take any time out from their busy schedules and can improve the appearance of their skin in as little as 20 minutes. The results of the SilkPeel procedure are usually visible after the first treatment, with optimal results achieved after a series of 4 to 6 treatments spaced 7 to 10 days apart. Patients should also follow a daily post-care skin routine recommended by Allyssa.

Who can have the procedure of Silkpeel™ Micro-dermal Infusion?

The SilkPeel treatment is safe for nearly all patients and carries little to no risk of complications.

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