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Free Skin Cancer Screening with Dr. Hershel Dobkin on December 1, 2023 from 8AM – 4PM No appointment is necessary. Screening is open to new and existing patients. Due to federal law, individuals with state or federally funded insurance, including but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid, VHA, IHS, DOD, or Tricare, are not eligible for this screening event.

Dermasweep is more than a microdermabrasion, this system offers crystal-free exfoliation with antioxidant infusion.

How does Dermasweep work ?

A proprietary bristle treatment tips gently lift away the top layer of skin and increase circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and the delivery of key skin nutrients.

Using a variable-level vacuum and an assortment of treatment tips, the DermaSweep wand gently lifts the skin against the appropriate treatment tip, removing the top most layer of skin. Your skin is left smoother while the vacuum action of the wand stimulates blood flow and cleans pores.

  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Aging skin
  • Laxity
  • Eye area
  • Fine lines
  • Acneic skin
  • Rough, uneven skin texture
  • Dry & dehydrated skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Improving overall skin health

Why is a Dermasweep session like ?

The treatment is safe and painless. You may feel mild skin tightening after exfoliation and your skin will feel quite smooth.

Treatments typically take 30 minutes, but it depends upon the specific skin condition treated and the professional opinion of your dermatologist.

What results can be expected from Dermasweep ?

Your skin will have a warm, pinkish glow that can last up to 30 minutes. Your post treatment care is simple and easy, and will be explained by your dermatologist.

Get Dermasweep treatment at Columbus, Ohio

This Forefront Dermatology clinic, is led by board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Michael Chen and Dr. Hershel Dobkin, offering Dermasweep treatment to the residents of Columbus, Ohio.

Call (614) 754-8781 or fill out the consult form to request your appointment today.

Interested in Dermasweep Treatment? Request a consultation with a skin specialist today.