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IPL photofacial is a 30-minute procedure used to reduce redness and age lines.

How does IPL work ?

Intense pulses of light are used to penetrate deep into the skin. IPL photorejuvenation then causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines.

What can IPL treat ?

People who have blotchy, sun-damaged, or discolored skin, or whose skin is affected by large pores, freckles, or wrinkles, may benefit from an IPL photofacial. The procedure is also quick and involves no downtime, making it a convenient option for people with busy schedules.

What is an IPL session like ?

Your dermatologist will first determine if you are a good candidate for IPL.

When it’s time for your actual treatment, your skin will be wiped and cleansed before an ultrasound gel is applied. You will be required to wear protective goggles. A laser device will be held and moved against your skin and the intense pulsed light is pulsed onto the treatment area, you may feel stinging sensation.

Most IPL sessions lasts around 30 minutes.

After the treatment area has been covered, they’ll wipe off the gel and apply sunblock.

What results can I expect from IPL ?

You may be able to return to work right away without any noticeable reactions, but expect temporary discoloration or redness of the affected area for a few days.

For darker skin tones, IPL may work, but typically there are better options better such as chemical peels.

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*Age Restriction.
For patients scheduling who are under 18 years of age (19 in Alabama) please make sure you have permission from your parent or legal guardian to schedule this appointment.  Your parent or legal guardian must accompany you on your initial visit and on certain subsequent visits to provide appropriate informed consent.