Elizabeth Damstetter, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
4.6 /5
44 reviews
My goal for patients is simple: a lifetime of optimal skin health and aesthetic potential.
- Elizabeth Damstetter, MD
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
Elizabeth seems to actually care about what she was doing and was very attentive and patient with my questions. The appt was quick but thorough, it was quick mostly because I had two rather obvious conditions and a mole to look at. Nothing out of the ordinary.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
I always feel comfortable sharing any and all questions with Dr. Damstetter. I truly feel like she listens & makes recommendations based with the best intentions for my wants/needs.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
She was super helpful with my questions and really communicative with what she was seeing during the appointment.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
Wonderful. Efficient but not rushed, thorough, strong knowledge of the latest medications for skin issues, gave me samples and had the prescription sent to my door. Literally one of the best doctor’s visits I’ve ever had.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
She was nice. Seemed rushed though. did not dig deeper into my concerns or ask me questions about my concerns . I got the prescription for one of my concerns but didn’t follow through providing information about the other concerns. Shechecked my moles super fast too, didn’t make me feel like it was thorough.show more
Google Forefront Dermatology
I moved to Chicago a few years ago and always had to schedule a dermatology appointment 6 months in advance. I read reviews and decided to try Dr. Damstetter. Surprisingly I was able to make an appointment the next week. There were no long waits. She is very attentive to her patients, knowledgeable and explores each viable treatment option. I highly recommend Dr. Damstetter.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
Only downside was that I had filled out paperwork on ZocDoc that I had to refill out again when I went to the doctor's office. Would be nice if the office used the ZocDoc information to stop double input. Office isconveniently located to a bus stop and they have parking validation if you drive. Dr was great, quick and efficient.show more
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
I loved this doctor! Soo nice. She really explained every thing and told me what was going on. I made an appointment already with her. Shout out to her medical assistant! She was so nice.
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
Office was pretty empty and I was seen within about 10-15 minutes. Dr. was professional and was able to chat about my short list of questions. Still waiting for the bill though. Followup questions through the online patient portal and viaphone were answered in a very appropriate and timely manner. show more
ZocDoc Forefront Dermatology
Elizabeth was very friendly and informative. I feel well taken care of and hopeful that my skin conditions will improve. I highly reccomend her!

Undergraduate Degree:
University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA

Medical School:
University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA

Dermatology Residency:
Boston Medical Center – Boston, MA

Dermatology Clinical Research Fellowship:
Northwestern University – Chicago, IL

American Academy of Dermatology
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Dermatology
American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
Women's Dermatologic Society
Chicago Dermatological Society
World Professional Association for Transgender Health

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